Rubeziana de competitie, usoara, rate 18, ce poate fi utilizata atat pentru crap sau albitura, 870g la 13m, din carbon CS-3, macromolecular structure.

The XP35-2 pole offers exceptional value, yet it is rigid, lighter and stiffer than many, many other poles in this price-band. It is 18 strong and safe to use on commercial lakes for big carp, while retaining finesse for silver and F1 work. The original XP35 sold in its hundreds and this updated Nano-Core XP35-2 pole sets even greater standards. It is built using new Nano-Core carbon formed into a CS-3 macromolecular structure with three covalent bonds for extreme strength and rigidity and weighs just 870g at 13m. The carbon undergoes a unique VC-X curing process under extreme pressure to force out any tiny air imperfections for a more consistent action and further increases the strength in each section. The pole features new C-Fuse aligner system sections and kits meaning they are interchangeable across the Nano-Core range, new DNS distance numbering system on butts for totally precise fishing and CKB colour keyed bush-fit bands showing exactly where to cut back to fit Middy PTFE bushes. The graphite used in this pole can withstand temperatures of 3800 Kelvin (equivalent to 3502 degrees centigrade) and it is this unique HKD process that provides immense and consistent stability when the pole is subjected to extreme summer temperatures. Also new with the Nano-Core poles is a range of Safe-Zone mini reversible butts, which feature soft EVA domed ends to protect the pole from elbows and when shipping back. The package includes a F1 G-16 kit along with two additional Karp2 G-22 kits - all supplied ready tubed. In addition you get a Cupp Kit, a Rigid Extra-Short 4th to stiffen the pole when fishing for silvers or F1s, a Safe-Zone reversible 11.5/13m mini-butt, free Hi-Viz elastication sets and a pole holdall from the Xtreme luggage range. That's over �310 worth of extras. Another great feature of the Nano-Core poles range is that every single elastic kit is pull-it reinforced, ready for fitting a side pull-it bush. The sections in this pole are micro-ground to create a low friction S-Slide surface, making shipping back faster and almost effortless. The balance ratio is 33.5 Newtons at 13m with a 2-kit fitted; while other pole makers only state a weight, it is actually this balance ratio that gives you a true guide to the feel of the pole. The XP35-2 pole is available in 13.5m, 14.5m and 16m packages.

1 x Nano-Core XP35-2 Pro 13.50 Metre Pole
2 x Power Top 2
1 x G16-F1 kit
1 x Cupping Kit
1 x Short 4 section
1 x Mini Extensio
4 x Elastication kits.
1 x Pole Holdall

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