Lanseta de feeder ultima creatie TRI-CAST, realizata sub directa indrumare a campionului englez Andy Bennett, special construita pentru balti comerciale si lacuri. Realizata din 2 tronsoane aproximativ egale cu varful montat, din ultra high woven carbon, cu trei varfuri din carbon, ultrasensibile, de 1oz,1,5oz si 2,0oz push in tip. Lanseta are actiune parabolica. Mandrina de calitate, inele American Tackle. Poate fi transportata montata gata. Greutate 141g, lungime de transport 174cm. Made in England.

Then the hard part is to get the correct action, because to make these rods perfect they require to have 2 actions built into one blank. The Butt section needs to be just stiff enough to give the rod backbone and excess power when required, but most importantly to give the rod great casting action and abilities to cast very accurately. In today's modern methods of fishing it is vital to be able to cast your feeder into the same spot time after time and concentrate your feed and therefore your fish into a small area. Distance is no problem because you can easily clip up so that your distance is the same every time. But you also need to be accurate in direction. If the blank is too soft it will wobble when you cast and therefore your direction could be out. We needed to make it just stiff enough to allow for a straight cast. Then you need to move onto the tip carrier section and the interchangeable Carbon put in tips. These have to be softer and in a perfect curve to allow the tip to set the hook each time and allow for the runs and lunges of hard fighting fish. You need to be in control of the fish and not the other way round. The tip action and Butt section action need to blend into one another with a seamless balance and that is where our skill and expertise came into play.

Altering the Carbon mixtures, the position of certain Guides etc all made vital alterations until finally Andy came back to us and said they are the most perfect Feeder Rods he has ever fished with. Coming from an Angler of his stature means so much to us.

Utilizare lansete, vergi din carbon:

  • -a nu se utiliza in apropierea liniilor de inalta tensiune, materialul din care sunt construite, carbon, este bun conducator electric.
  • -a se pastra curate si pe cat posibil in husa protectoare.
  • -a se utiliza in scopul pentru care au fost produse, cu limitele impuse de producator, marcate pe eticheta sau chiar pe produs

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  • Vizualizari:: 54
  • Cod produs: EXCELLENCE ROD 3,30m
  • Disponibilitate: 6
  • 1.070,00 RON


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